QiGong Dive-in Workshop @jenseits IM VIADUKT

During this workshop, we will play with the characteristics of the flow of summer. Practicing, finding our flow and opening our body and mind. Actively and relaxed, we will do some exercises that will enhance your mindfulness like your well-being. I will lead you through a journey of discovery and you will learn to feel light while keeping constant contact with the ground. Through simple exercises, you will bring your awareness into your body and experience a calming of the mind. In addition, you learn more about the historical context, on which principles QiGong is based and how the exercises can be implemented in your daily life.

QiGong is a combination of breathing, movement and meditation exercises. Flowing, dynamic and calm exercises are alternating, which provide strength and energy, and have a regenerating and relaxing effect. QiGong means ” to direct energy” and has a tradition of over 1,500 years rooted in Taoism.



04 Jun 2022


10:00 - 13:00



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jenseits IM VIADUKT
Viaduktstrasse 65, 8005 Zürich
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