About me

MOVING is about engaging, exploring, and discovering.
*29.08.1977 – movement enthusiast, passionate about music, interested in culture
Each day I have moments where I discover, where I learn, and where I feel touched and moved. Thereby, the spectrum of moments that fascinate me is almost infinite. I see life as a matter of perceiving, embracing and experiencing the present in all its fullness. To set a counterpoint against multi-tasking and to notice the wealth in the moment, in the ordinary.
Movement, music and dance are core components in my life that inspire and guide me. In addition, I comprehensively explore the topic of bringing the body and mind into healthy harmony.
I work carefully and deliberately. It is a great concern for me to understand people and causes in their innermost being, instead of orienting myself on symptoms or external appearances. Humor and meeting at the same eye level are very important to me.
Thanks to my enthusiasm, I like to learn, always try out new things and constantly educate myself. I like to learn from people who go their way seriously, with joy, steadily and intuitively. You can find more about this part of my life here.